Hunting down that first deal

Hunting down that first deal

My wife managed to book a holiday by mistake,  yes thats right, by mistake.

Whilst looking at a “great deal” on groupon she clicked the buy button expecting it to show the small print to find out what the catch was,  in this case the catch was a holiday for 4 to New York and Las Vegas booked as non refundable on the attached credit card!

After the inital “oh s#!t” moment and my laughing rather than crying a few hasty calls round friends and family found 3 people willing to pay the £800 for this 8 days holiday to the USA in January, so problem solved.  12 hours of excited chatting about what the plan was and how the four where going to spend their time in New York and Las Vegas came to end abruptly as Groupon call to explain there is a problem and the offer was being withdrawn!

The emotions have gone from worry to excitement to disapointment in 12 hours.  I had just started setting up as a side project to relax after work so i offered to try and recreate the deal – getting 4 people flights to New York, Las Vegas and back to the UK and hotels for 8 nights for under £800 each was certainly going to be difficult though.

A quick search on the flights search engine – remembering to use the multi city option…

Flight Search

…finds some great direct flight deals

Search Results for flight deals

Which leaves them around £1,400 for hotels – well lets say £1,200 after adding baggage and meals on the flights

£460 for a flight to New York followed by a flight to Las Vegas and a flight to London seems like a great deal to me.  Went down well with my wife and her friends and led to the first flight deal booked on!

Finding some hotel deals for £600 each in New York and Las Vegas was easily done using our hotel search engine too.

Happy hunting for your own flight deals, let us know what great deals you find


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